Policies for skaters

All Roll Right skaters must be registered members

Safety Gear

For skater enjoyability and safety, arrive to class (online and in-person) with your gear. Unfortunately, if a skater does not come with these to ensure their safety, they will not be allowed to participate.

  1. Protective equipment is required for all classes - helmet, wrist guards, and elbow pads are mandatory. Knee pads are highly recommended for indoor skating, extremely highly recommended for outdoor skating, and mandatory for park or urban skating. Your specific instructor may require you to wear knee pads depending on the skating environment and/or your skating abilities.

      • They need to be in usable condition. See Skating Resource for retailers and more skate guidelines.

      • Some skaters are accustomed to skating without equipment in their leisure. However, in class, skaters work on new skills, which increases their chances of falling. In this case, falling is good, but it is essential to do it safely! Therefore skaters are required to wear gear until they pass stage 6.

      • For knee pads, if skaters prefer wearing knee pads, they should consider changing to a slim-fit style after passing stage 2. This allows for greater mobility to learn edges in stages 3 and up.

  2. Toe stops or heel brakes:

      • INDOORS: Required until stage 3 is passed for Learn to Roll Right and Roll Right into your Rhythm. Not required for roller dance.

      • OUTDOORS/INCLINES: For any skating area where inclines may be present, quad skates must have toe stops. For inline skates, heel brakes are mandatory until stage 6 is passed and/or until another proficient stop can be executed at speed without the use of heel brakes.

      • IMPORTANT: These must be non-marking & in good condition - no metal exposed on the stoppers or breaks (damage or marks left on the floors could result in the loss of leasing privilege for the skate school).

  3. Skates in usable condition - For a pleasurable skating experience, we recommend skates that cost no less than ~$100 (See Skating Resources for details). Check before arriving at each class that wheels spin and do not rattle and that there are no loose/broken/missing parts. If your skates are brand new, your trucks and wheels may need to be adjusted. You can check out this video for reference - we are not associated with the owner of the video or its contents. Please be respectful of their content.

  4. Arrive on time! Punctuality contributes to instructors delivering high-quality programming. We recommend you arrive with your gear on, except skates and wrist guards, to ensure you are ready at the start of instruction.

  5. Gear up & Gear Down: Always put your helmet, knee and elbow pads on, THEN skates, then wrist guards. To take off skates, do the reverse. Take off wrist guards, then skates, then the rest.


Hopefully, we can stop worrying about this soon, but for now, by registering and choosing to participate in any class, you agree that you have reviewed the Covid Policy in full and recognize that it will affect and remove your legal rights to sue for illness. The policy requirements may also change according to the region for which your classes are occurring, and the strictest, most recent policies stated by your instructor, skating school, or regional authority will apply.

Check for Quality Programming!

  • Only certified Roll Right instructors are permitted to offer this program. Our instructors receive the training to ensure quality programming is delivered. If an instructor is not listed in the Instructors section but is offering the program, or if certified instructors are not providing you with the program as advertised, please report this immediately, and we will do our best to rectify the situation.*

  • Individual instructors and skate schools may have their own evaluation or assessment schedules, policies or procedures. If you have questions about your instructor, please contact us.

  • If you would like this program to be offered by your local skate school or instructor, please have them contact us to be certified!

  • We welcome any other feedback as well :)