Group Lessons

for Quad & Inline Skaters!

Winter Term 2: Term In Session

Spring & Summer Lessons Registration Coming Soon!


IMPORTANT: Participants are required to be Roll Right members with an annual membership and have skates, a helmet, wrist, elbow pads, and toe stops (for quad skates) or heel brakes (for inline skates). Knee pads are recommended, but optional. Limited rental gear is available - please let us know if you will need to borrow. See skating resources if needed. Quad rental skates are $4/session (taxes extra), paid to Inline skates are free for a limited time. Click here for more details about rentals if you need them or contact us.


Learn to Roll Right - Click here

New Skaters - You will be assessed and placed in the appropriate group.

Roll Right Roller Dance - Click here

Dance/Jam plugs or small stoppers are highly recommended. Some will be available for purchase. 


FREE TRIAL - Sign up by completing your skater registration and choosing "FREE TRIAL." Space is limited, and we will respond with a confirmation. If spots are full before the start of the term, we reserve the right to cancel free trials. No commitment is necessary, but if you choose to enroll for the rest of the term, the cost of the trial lesson will be charged at the time of registration. You can also try a $10 Intro To Skating Lesson.

EARLY BIRD (EB) - The easiest way to save! Register before the stated EB deadline to enjoy the savings! Simply choose the EB price from the drop-down menu.

REFERRAL DISCOUNT (RD) - When you refer a NEW member who signs up, you can BOTH enjoy the savings! Simply choose the RD price from the drop-down menu & email us with the name of the person you referred. If they do not end up signing up, you will be invoiced for the price difference.

BUNDLE SAVINGS (BS) - When registering for more than one concurrent term or camp, enjoy the savings on ALL the terms/camps that overlap. Terms/camps must overlap by at least one day. Simply choose the BS price from the drop-down menu.

FREE INLINE SKATE RENTALS - For a limited time, when you sign up for group lessons, you can try inline skating for FREE! Limited quantity available so please confirm with us that we have your size. Skates were generously donated by ShopTask Victoria. Please check out their shop for high-quality inline skates!

DROP-IN LESSONS - Can't make it for the whole term? No problem! If there is room in the class, you can drop in for a lesson if you're already an established member (having participated in at least one lesson, even if it's a $10 intro lesson). Please contact us to confirm there is space! The drop-in price is the pro-rated class price plus $5.

Lessons @G.R. Pearkes Fieldhouse #4

Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 pm

Winter Term 2: Feb 14 to Mar 13, 2024 (5 Weeks)

UPDATE: Groups may consist of mixed ages from 7 to adults - after registration, we will arrange the groups to best suit the level of the skaters. Thank you for your understanding :)

Learn to Roll Right Stages 1 to 6 for Kids & Adults +

Roll Right Roller Dance Stages 1 to 6

Lesson Schedule:

4:55 Lace Up

5:05 Warm Up

5:10 Lesson: Learn to Roll Right

5:40 Lesson: Roll Right Roller Dance / Practice Time

5:50 Cool Down

5:55 Skates Off

6:00 Exit Fieldhouse

Registration Instructions:

Step 1: Click here to check availability

Step 2: Roll Right Membership - if you're already a member, skip to Step 3.

Step 3: Pay & reserve your spot