Learn - Teach

We teach learners to skate and skaters to teach!

- Quad & Inline -

Why Take the Program?

  1. You are beginning your rolling or teaching experience and are looking for where to begin. Alternatively, you are already rolling but have encountered challenges and are looking for other options.

  2. You want to learn or teach skating & cool tricks with an organized program that promotes safety, effective & appropriate progressions, and building strong skating foundations so that skating can be enjoyed for life.

  3. You're looking for an instructor, or want to be, an instructor who knows what to teach, how to teach it, and in what order. Check out some of the sample skills.

Roll Right exists to serve the best interest of skaters & instructors!

  • Our objective is to develop skaters with the foundational skills to learn different disciplines, helping to find their niche and love skating for life!

  • Roll Right provides instructors with the tools and training to teach logical and progressive skills to ensure skater safety and success better when learning to skate.

  • Learning skills logically promotes confidence and safe skating, which means more skating and a better bang for your buck!

  • Learning is fun when lessons come with activities and games suitable for each stage. Earning badges is exciting and motivating, shows progress, and helps skaters and instructors achieve goals.

  • To maintain quality, we take integrity and our code of ethics seriously - we rely on the community to report if any instructors are failing to act in the best interest of skaters and consider all feedback to ensure a safe learning environment for all :)

  • Learning to skate is a journey. It should be fun, sometimes a little scary, but safe and progressive - Roll Right is here to ensure that!