Learn to Roll, Rhythm Skating, & Roller Dance

instruction for quad & inline skaters!

Quadra Village & G.R. Pearkes (Fall)

We can also bring the lesson to you!

Director: Wincy / Instagram / Facebook / Facebook Group

What We Offer

We offer all of the Roll Right programs: Learn to Roll Right, Roll Right into your Rhythm, and Roll Right Roller dance

Skaters can learn basic skating foundations right up to advanced skating skills, as well as roller dance and rhythm skating! For program descriptions, please click here.

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Fall Lessons


Rental Skates

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NOTE: Participants are required to be Roll Right members with an annual membership, and have skates, a helmet, wrist, elbow pads, and toe stops (for quad skates) or heel brakes (for inline skates). Knee pads are highly recommended. Limited gear is available. Please let us know if you will need to borrow. See skating resources if needed.

Other Payments

Payment is required to confirm bookings unless otherwise specified. If the payment option amount is not available above, we can send you an invoice. Subsequent payments may be completed by cash, e-transfer (to RRSC@rollright.org), or through Paypal with a debit or credit card.