About US

Roll Right Skating Academy Ltd. emerges from a passionate blend of three decades of skating, including figure skating, inline, and quad skating, backed by nearly two decades of coaching expertise, a bachelor's degree in kinesiology, and education. Our driving vision is to ignite a lasting love for skating in others, inspiring a lifelong journey of enjoyment.

Our mission is twofold: Firstly, to guide skaters of all ages in building strength and confidence at their own pace, fostering a spirit to enjoy skating for life. And secondly, to equip coaches with the skills to accomplish the first goal!

At Roll Right, our programs cater to both inline and quad learners, offering a comprehensive spectrum of skating skills spanning various disciplines. Whether it's urban skating, roller dance, artistic expression, derby, jam sessions, race skating, slalom, or rhythm skating, our curriculum covers it all. Guided by biomechanical principles, our program prioritizes proper development and robust foundational skills.

Beyond teaching skating techniques, we aim to instill invaluable life skills and self-assurance that transcend skating itself, nurturing confidence that extends far beyond the rink.