Greater Victoria Area

For schools, daycares, birthday parties, a gathering of friends, etc., we can bring the lesson to you!

Workshops are for skaters ages 7+ (including adults) and can be tailored to your preferences, or we can cover the skating basics and tailor it to the participants themselves as we get to know them. Examples of disciplines we cover include skating foundations, rhythm skating, roller dance, hockey, derby, artistic, etc. Please email us at if you have something specific in mind and we'll let you know if we can do it!

Included in the workshop:


Our prices are designed to give you the best savings the more classes you book! Calculate your estimate here.

Skate Rentals:

Skate rentals are available, but participants are required to have their own helmet, wrist, elbow pads, and toe stops (for quad skates) or heel brakes (for inline skates). Knee pads are recommended, but optional. Protective equipment can be purchased from places like Shop Task, Influence Board Shop, Sports Check, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Zumiez, and other skateboard-related retailers. Limited rental gear is available - please let us know if you will need to borrow. See skating resources if needed.

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Please note the final price may vary from the estimate depending on the specific requirements of your workshop.

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Step 3

When we confirm your workshop, we will send you an invoice. Your workshop is booked when payment is received. If additional participants join afterwards, we can add that later, but please let us know as soon as possible how many participants you have. All participants must complete the registration form in order to participate.